Thu 25 July, 2019

IoT’s role in expanding drone use

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As faithful readers of TechWatch (love you, Mom) may know, the rollout of many companies’ ambitious drone delivery services has not gone as quickly as promised. Despite recent signs of progress in Australia and the United States—not to mention clever ideas for burger deliveries to cars stuck in traf..

Tue 23 July, 2019

BrandPost: Part 2: Before Making WAN Changes, Consider Your Bandwidth and Application Requirements

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In part 1 of this 3-part series on how to conduct a wide-area network assessment and prepare for WAN updates, we looked at foundational issues such as current challenges and objectives. In this installment, we’ll examine considerations around applications and bandwidth. As with part 1, my source for..

Tue 23 July, 2019

Getting help for Linux shell built-ins

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Linux built-ins are commands that are built into the shell, much like shelves that are built into a wall. You won’t find them as stand-alone files the way standard Linux commands are stored in /usr/bin and you probably use quite a few of them without ever questioning how they’re different from comma..