Thu 18 July, 2019

Worst DNS attacks and how to mitigate them

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The Domain Name System remains under constant attack, and there seems to be no end in sight as threats grow increasingly sophisticated. DNS, known as the internet’s phonebook, is part of the global internet infrastructure that translates between familiar names and the numbers computers need to acces..

Thu 18 July, 2019

Smart cities offer window into the evolution of enterprise IoT technology

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Powering smart cities is one of the most ambitious use cases for the internet of things (IoT), combining a wide variety of IoT technologies to create coherent systems that span not just individual buildings or campuses but entire metropolises. As such, smart cities offer a window into the evolution ..

Wed 17 July, 2019

Public internet should be all software-defined

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The public internet should migrate to a programmable backbone-as-a-service architecture, says a team of network engineers behind NOIA, a startup promising to revolutionize global traffic. They say the internet will be more efficient if internet protocols and routing technologies are re-worked and th..

Wed 17 July, 2019

Mastering user groups on Linux

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User groups play an important role on Linux systems. They provide an easy way for a select groups of users to share files with each other. They also allow sysadmins to more effectively manage user privileges, since they can assign privileges to groups rather than individual users. While a user group..

Wed 17 July, 2019

MPLS is hanging on in this SD-WAN world

2019-07-25T20:45:16+03:00Wed 17 July, 2019|Tags: , |

The SD-WAN networking market is booming and is expected to grow to $17 billion by 2025, and no wonder. Software-defined wide-area networking eliminates the need for expensive routers and does all the network connectivity in the cloud. Among its advantages is the support for secure cloud connectivity..

Tue 16 July, 2019

BrandPost: Know the True Business Drivers for SD-WAN

2019-07-25T20:45:22+03:00Tue 16 July, 2019|Tags: , |

If a software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) vendor calls you up and says you need their product because it will help you save money, hang up the phone. Okay, maybe you shouldn’t hang up the phone—but you should at least tell him that he’s selling his product wrong. It’s true that the early conversations abo..